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We specialise in connecting your
  • staff
  • sites
  • cars
  • homes
  • boats
to the internet

The leading, easiest to deploy, remotely managed and monitored
cellular internet connectivity EVER.

Connect Anywhere

Use high power antennas and connect
to 4G/LTE, Public WiFi and wired
DSL, fail-over automatically

Deploy in the blink of an eye

Take high speed, enterprise quality internet
with you. Plug it in and work with no mess,
move it to wherever you need it.

In-The-Box Thinking

Fully self contained with inbuilt
Wi-Fi, cellular and GPS antennas.
Have box – will travel.

Cloud Management and Monitoring

Remotely manage and monitor from anywhere,
track via GPS in real time, monitor and
manage 1 or 1 thousand with ease.
Incredible Admin Features
You've never seen remote management like this before.
Easy Rapid, Mobile and Temporary Connectivity

Wired and Wireless Secure Enterprise Internet Connectivity Anywhere.

First Connectivity. Then Communication.

Connect from anywhere - communicate with everyone.

HD Video Streaming

Stream HD Video reliably from anywhere using whatever connectivity is available.

HD VoIP & Audio

Experience crystal clear HD calls over cellular and broadcast audio from any location.
Looking for Reliable Connectivity for Real TIme Applications? We have the Solution

Multi-Cellular Connectivity for Audio/Video Streaming.

The Grapevine Process

Working with you every step of the way
We've done some Awesome projects

Enterprise VoIP, HD Video Streaming, Rural Broadband and more...


With Some Incredible Customers

Solve Your Connectivity and Communication Challenges

Whether you need to stream HD Video from a field, connect to the internet whilst at sea, or communicate with your customers and staff from wherever you are - we can help.