We Specialise in solving Connectivity Challenges Challenge us to get you connected.

We can provide reliable Internet Connectivity Anywhere

Getting Internet Connectivity shouldn’t be hard – but it frequently is.
With a postcode lottery defining what type of connectivity is available, we can help you discover what your options are.


The Right Connectivity

We’ll help you discover what connectivity is available at your location, and can supply everything from DSL & Fibre to Cellular & Satellite depending on your needs.

Frustrated by your current supplier?

Long lead times, loss of service or missed installation dates? Leave dealing with the supplier to us – we’ll get them working for you.

We're Supplier Agnostic

We have favoured suppliers for sure, but we won’t make you use them. Happy with an existing supplier? We’ll work with them for you.

Best In Class Support

Your support calls are all answered by real engineers – capable of understanding the problem and fixing it at the same time.

Full Service Connectivity

Whether you need 1 or 100 internet connections or want to get your car, yacht or event connected – permanently or temporarily, we can help.

Cellular Internet Specailists

We specialise in temporary, rapid and mobile internet connectivity and can supply both cellular and satellite internet connectivity for any type of fixed or mobile deployment.

We Do Fixed Line Connectivity


DSL Lines

Internet connectivity delivered using DSL lines (generally known as ordinary ‘Broadband’) is the most prolific and widespread source of internet connectivity across the UK today.

Although frequently overlooked in urban areas now with the faster fibre internet connectivity being a preference, there are still many of us in rural and even some urban locations who only option for internet connectivity is via DSL. Not only can we provisioning DSL activated PSTN lines for internet access, but we also offer the ability to increase bandwidth and provide resilience using LTE connectivity alongside at the same time.


Fibre Internet

Fibre internet connectivity is generally available in two flavours, EFM (‘Ethernet for the First Mile’), followed by FTTC (‘Fibre To The Cabinet’).

We can provision either EFM or FTTC dependant on availability at your location, and since we are provider agnostic we can frequently give you options as to which supplier you would like to chose. – a decision we can help you make based on our own experience and measured metrics of line quality and service availability in your area.

Our Peplink SpeedFusion Bonding technology allows us to offer cellular and DSL failover for existing fibre lines – keeping you connected if it were to fail.


Leased Lines

A leased line gives you a dedicated internet connection straight to your premises, providing dedicated (normally bidirectional) bandwidth that is not affected by contention.

Leased lines can be a private point to point connection between your business premises – providing a secure private link for internal network traffic, or they can be provisioned as an internet access circuit.

Our Peplink SpeedFusion Bonding technology allows us to offer fibre, cellular and DSL failover for existing leased lines – keeping you connected if it were to fail. We can also augment existing leased line services using commodity fibre internet links too – adding additional bandwidth and resilience.

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Managed public Internet and private connectivity : Anywhere.

We Make Using Cellular Data Easy!

Enterprise grade secure, reliable cellular internet access anywhere.

We specialise in connecting your
  • staff
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  • boats
to the internet

The leading, easiest to deploy, remotely managed and monitored
cellular internet connectivity EVER.

Connect Anywhere

Use high power antennas and connect
to 4G/LTE, Public WiFi and wired
DSL, fail-over automatically

Deploy in the blink of an eye

Take high speed, enterprise quality internet
with you. Plug it in and work with no mess,
move it to wherever you need it.

In-The-Box Thinking

Fully self contained with inbuilt
Wi-Fi, cellular and GPS antennas.
Have box – will travel.

Cloud Management and Monitoring

Remotely manage and monitor from anywhere,
track via GPS in real time, monitor and
manage 1 or 1 thousand with ease.
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Discover our fully managed cellular routers and SIMs.